Pavilion Pottery building - home to Elaine Wells Potter.

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Elaine Wells at the potting table

About Me

I pot in my studio at the end of the garden, here at my home in Buckinghamshire.

I joined a local Evening Class around 1991 as I wanted to throw pottery on a wheel.  I was the only person throwing and so brought the book associated with the BBC Programme ‘The Craft of The Potter’ which had first inspired me to take up Pottery and used it to as an aid to the evening classes.  A wonderful lady on the evening course was emigrating and sold me her wheel and a small kiln.  I set up in the lean-to on the side of our house and shared the space with our cats.  Over the years, working full-time and bringing up two children I have sometimes not potted for months on end but now I have a wonderful space to pot as I have taken over the Cricket Pavilion at the end of the garden where my children had their playroom.  Here I throw pots with purpose and function, with clean lines and bright glossy glazes.

When I’m not able to be at my potters wheel, I can be found scouring the local charity shops of Buckinghamshire in search of inspiration from the unusual and individual items that can be found. I am also an avid knitter and love to crotchet.  I have turned my hand to numerous crafts such as  making jewellery, felting, all forms of curtain making and upholstery etc.  I also have a love of woodwork and metalwork inspired by my Father who was a Coppersmith by trade.

I am currently a contestant on series two of the BBC’s The Great Pottery Throw Down, which was the most amazing experience and lots of fun.


firing in kiln square image - Elaine Wells

elaine-wells outside pavilion pottery square image

shelves full of vases by Elain Wells

Pavilion Pottery is, unsurprisingly based out of a cricket pavilion that lives at the end of Elaine’s garden. Once a den for her children it has now been transformed into a calm, creative space.

Each item is individually wheel thrown, decorated with slip trailed designs and fired to stoneware temperatures with custom made glazes.